Experimental study on the self-noise of a turbulent round jet investing a cambered aerofoil


  • Stefano Bianchi
  • Alessandro Corsini
  • Anthony Geoffrey Sheard


This paper describes an experimental investigation of the interaction noise in a jet impacting isolated aerofoils. The authors conducted the study in a low-speed wind tunnel ending in an anechoic chamber, and focussed on the tip region of two types of isolated low speed axial fan cambered aerofoils. The authors set the Mach number, Reynolds number and blade incidence angles in a static frame of reference to reproduce a flow field condition kinematically similar to that in the rotating frame. They correlated far-field noise measurements with near-field pressure measurements which they took at different chord-wise positions in the blade’s tip region. The aim was to find, by means of a cross correlation technique, a causal relationship between the aerodynamic sources in the tip region and noise emissions in order to establish the role of aerofoil self-noise associated with turbulent structures which turbulent inflow and blade tip geometry interaction produced.


wind tunnel, chambered aerofoil, noise emission, turbulent structures

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Bianchi, S., Corsini, A., Sheard, A. G. “Experimental study on the self-noise of a turbulent round jet investing a cambered aerofoil”, Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering, 57(1), pp. 45–62, 2013. https://doi.org/10.3311/PPme.7017