Chemical Engineering

Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering is a peer reviewed scientific journal published by the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. It was founded in 1957.

Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering publishes both research and application oriented papers, in the area of chemical engineering including environmental and bioengineering.

Each paper is evaluated in a blind review process (peer reviewers remain anonymous in the review process), with two reviewers for a paper.

Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering is indexed and abstracted

Vol 58, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Theoretical and Experimental Approaches of Liquid Entry Pressure Determination in Membrane Distillation Processes PDF
Gábor Rácz, Steffen Kerker, Zoltán Kovács, Gyula Vatai, Mehrdad Ebrahimi, Peter Czermak 81-91
Analysis of Mixing Efficiency of Rushton Turbines Based on CFD Models PDF
Bálint Molnár, Attila Egedy, Tamás Varga 93-102
Discrete Models for Intermediate Storages under Stochastic Operational Conditions PDF
Éva Orbán Mihálykó, Csaba Mihálykó 103-109
Evaluation of Microwave Vacuum Drying Combined with Hot-Air Drying and Compared with Freeze- and Hot-Air Drying by the Quality of the Dried Apple Product PDF
Sándor Ferenczi, Bálint Czukor, Zsuzsanna Cserhalmi 111-116
Quality Improvement of Heavy Gas Oil with Hydroprocessing PDF
Zoltán Varga, Zoltán Eller, Jenő Hancsók 117-123
A Novel Method for Limiting Current Calculation in Electrodialysis Modules PDF
Natália Káňavová, Lubomír Machuča 125-130
Adsorption Properties of Copper (II) Ion From Aqueous Solution by Starch-Grafted Polyacrylamide and Crosslinked Starch-Grafted Polyacrylamide PDF
Jun Tan, Xiaoyan Wei, Yuxia Ouyang, Juhong Fan, Rui Liu 131-139
Experimental Investigation of Pyrolysis Process of Agricultural Biomass Mixture PDF
Slavko N. Đurić, Željko Lj. Kaluđerović, Tijana R. Kosanić, Mirjana B. Ćeranić, Milan M. Milotić, Saša D. Brankov 141-147
Application Possibilities of Zeolite Catalysts in Oligomerization of Light Olefins PDF
Eszter Kriván, Szabina Tomasek, Jenő Hancsók 149-156
Storage Stability of Gas Oils Containing Waste Originated Biocomponent PDF
György Pölczmann, Orsolya Tóth, Ádám Beck, Jenő Hancsók 157-163
Integrated Production of γ-butyrolactone through Coupling of Maleic Anhydride Hydrogenation and 1,4-butanediol Dehydrogenation PDF
Ahtesham Javaid, Costin Sorin Bildea 165-169
Physico-Chemical Study of Coating Formulation Based on Natural Apatite for the Elaboration of Microfiltration Membrane PDF
Hassen Nasri, Sabeur Khemakhem, Raja Ben Amar 171-178
A Novel Equation of State: Determination and Validation for Dyes and Drugs Solubility Calculations in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide PDF
Milad Asgarpour Khansary, Ahmad Hallaji Sani, Hossein Shahbeig, Amin Arif, Hadi Dalirsefat, Mohammad Ali Salehi 179-194
Preparation of Pyridine N-oxide Derivatives in Microreactor PDF
Attila Vörös, Géza Timári, Zoltán Baán, Péter Mizsey, Zoltán Finta 195-205

ISSN: 1587-3765