Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering

Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering is a peer reviewed scientific journal published by the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. It was founded in 1957.

Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering publishes both research and application oriented papers, in the area of chemical engineering including environmental and bioengineering.

Each paper is evaluated in a blind review process (peer reviewers remain anonymous in the review process), with two reviewers for a paper.

Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering is indexed and abstracted

Vol 59, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Editorial for the 100+75 Anniversary Issue of Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering PDF
György Keglevich (Guest-Editor) 1-2
Cyclopropanation of Some Alkaloids PDF
Péter Keglevich, László Hazai, György Kalaus, Csaba Szántay 3-15
Rearrangement Reactions for the Synthesis of Some Oxa- and Aza-tricyclic Rings Heterocyclic Compounds PDF
Mercédesz Tőrincsi, Gábor Hornyánszky, Pál Kolonits, Lajos Novák 16-25
Regularities between Separations of Enantiomeric and Diastereoisomeric Mixtures. Prediction of the Efficiency of Diastereomeric/ Enantiomeric Separations on the Basis of Behaviour of Enantiomeric Mixtures PDF
Emese Pálovics, Zsolt Szeleczky, Péter Bagi, Ferenc Faigl, Elemér Fogassy 26-37
Synthesis and Application of New, Optically Active Compounds as Catalysts and Ligands in Enantioselective Reactions PDF
Béla Mátravölgyi, Ervin Kovács, László Hegedűs, Zsuzsa Jászay, Angelika Thurner, Szilvia Deák, Zsuzsa Erdélyi, Truong Son Pham, Katalin Gönczi, Szabolcs Sólyom, László Tőke, Ferenc Faigl 38-50
Sugar-based Crown Ethers in Enantioselective Syntheses PDF
Péter Bakó, Zsolt Rapi, György Keglevich 51-58
From Synthetic Chemistry and Stereoselective Biotransformations to Enzyme Biochemistry – The Bioorganic Chemistry Group at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics PDF
Zoltán Boros, Gábor Hornyánszky, József Nagy, László Poppe 59-71
Supported Metal Catalysts in Organic Syntheses PDF
Árpád Kiss, János Németh, Anna Fodor, Zoltán Hell 72-81
Environmentally Friendly Chemistry with Organophosphorus Syntheses in Focus PDF
György Keglevich, Alajos Grün, Péter Bagi, Erika Bálint, Nóra Zsuzsa Kiss, Rita Kovács, Erzsébet Jablonkai, Tamara Kovács, Elemér Fogassy, István Greiner 82-95
Film Coating as a New Approach to Prepare Tablets Containing Long-Term Stable Lactobacillus acidophilus PDF
István Wagner, Zsombor Kristóf Nagy, Ágnes Suhajda, Hajnalka Pataki, Péter Sóti, Tamás Vigh, Attila Balogh, Anna Helga Harasztos, György Marosi 96-103

ISSN: 1587-3765