Value Impairment of Contaminated Real Estate


  • Kálmán Horváth
  • István Hajnal


Market actors have already recognised the effects of different pollution sources on the surrounding real estate; however, in the Central European environment, both appraisers and non-professionals are highly unsure of how to determine the value of the deterioration caused. In this article we are to classify the available methods described in international literature and to introduce the preconditions for their utilisation. Many options and methods are available to specialists; it is advised to avail of them as soon as possible, in the interest of estimating the economic effects as well as ensuring a solution to any subsequent disputes.


property, valuation, sustainability, open market value, contaminated land

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Horváth, K., Hajnal, I. (2014) “Value Impairment of Contaminated Real Estate”, Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences, 22(2), pp. 141–148.