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Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering is a peer reviewed scientific journal published by the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. It was founded in 1957.

Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering publishes both research and application oriented papers, in the area of civil engineering.

Each paper is evaluated in a blind review process (peer reviewers remain anonymous in the review process), with two reviewers for a paper.

Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering is indexed and abstracted

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Vol 58, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Sounds of Silence: a sampling-based bi-criteria harmony search metaheuristic for the resource constrained project scheduling problem with uncertain activity durations and cash flows PDF
Sándor Danka 93-104
Integral water management PDF
Flora Ijjas 105-112
Analysis of capillary absorption properties of porous limestone material and its relation to the migration depth of bacteria in the absorbed biomineralizing compound PDF
Péter Juhász, Katalin Kopecskó, Ágnes Suhajda 113-120
Quality measuring numbers of milled edges of granite surfaces PDF
Miklós Gálos, István Gábor Gyurika 121-129
Variations of the gravity field due to excavations of the Budapest Metro4 subway line PDF
Csaba Égető, Nikolett Rehány, Lóránt Földváry 131-136
Bond of reinforcement in polymer concrete PDF
Orsolya Ilona Németh, Éva Lublóy, György Farkas 137-141
Optimization of resilient modulus prediction from FWD results using artificial neural network PDF
Bashar Tarawneh, Munir D. Nazzal 143-154
An efficient hybrid particle swarm strategy, ray optimizer, and harmony search algorithm for optimal design of truss structures PDF
Ali Kaveh, Seyed Mohammad Javadi 155-171

ISSN: 1587-3773