Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering

Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering is a peer reviewed scientific journal published by the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. It was founded in 1957.

Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering publishes both research and application oriented papers, in the area of civil engineering.

Each paper is evaluated in a blind review process (peer reviewers remain anonymous in the review process), with two reviewers for a paper. Papers are published free of charge for authors.

Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering is indexed and abstracted

Vol. 59, No. 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Gábor Kazinczy and His Legacy in Structural Engineering PDF
Sándor Kaliszky, István Sajtos, Benedek A. Lógó, János M. Lógó, Zsuzsanna Szabó 3-7
Multi Objective Particle Swarm Optimization (MOPSO) for Size and Shape Optimization of 2D Truss Structures PDF
Seyed Saeed Hosseini, Sajad Ahmad Hamidi, Motahar Mansuri, Ali Ghoddosian 9-14
Numerical Study on Shear Stress Variation of RC Wall with L Shaped Section PDF
Ali Ahmed Chaouch, Ramdane Boutemeur, Hakim Bechtoula, Abderrahim Bali 15-25
New Practical Approach to Plastic Analysis of Steel Structures PDF
Ehsan Dehghani, Sajad A. Hamidi, Fariborz M. Tehrani, Aastha Goyal, Rasoul Mirghaderi 27-35
Modelling of Failure Rate of Water-pipe Networks PDF
Małgorzata Kutyłowska 37-43
The Evaluation of Building Materials in Terms of Energy Efficiency PDF
İzzet Yüksek 45-58
Alternative Method to Determine the Characteristic Polynomial Applying Three-by-Three Matrices PDF
Csaba Budai, Brigitta Szilágyi 59-63
Evaluation of Application of Thin HMA Overlay on the Existing Flexible Pavement for High-Traffic-Volume Rural Highways PDF
Mehdi Koohmishi, Massoud Palassi 65-75
Influence of Nonlinear Resilient Models of Unbound Aggregates on Analysis and Performance of Road Pavements PDF
Boualem Tiliouine, Khaled Sandjak 77-84
Effect of Aircraft Wheel Load and Configuration on Runway Damages PDF
Gholam Ali Shafabakhsh, Ehsan Kashi 85-94

ISSN : 1587-3773